Divisons and Units

For the Fisheries Commission to effectively and efficiently perform its mandate, it is organized internally into five (7) Divisions and three (3) special units, namely;

  1. Marine Fisheries Management Division (MFMD)
    1. Artisanal unit
    2. Industrial unit
  2. Inland Fisheries Management Division (IFMD)
    1. Freshwater unit
    2. Lagoon unit
    3. Mariculture unit
  3. Fisheries Scientific Survey Division (FSSD)
    1. Environment and Climate Change unit
    2. Fish stock and statistics unit
    3. Fishing gears and methods unit
  4. Monitoring, Control, and Surveillance Division (MCSD)
    1. Fisheries monitoring centre unit
    2. Fisheries enforcement unit
    3. Inspections unit
  5. Finance and Administration Division (F&A)
    1. Human Resource unit
    2. Corporate Affairs unit
    3. Information Technology unit
    4. Procurement unit
    5. General Administration unit
  6. Planning, Budget, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PBMED)
    1. Planning unit
    2. Budget unit
    3. Monitoring and Evaluation unit
  7. Post-Harvest Management and Trade Division (PHMTD)
    1. Post-Harvest Management unit
    2. Fish Trade unit
  1. Legal and Compliance unit
  2. Aquatic Animal Health unit
  3. Internal Audit unit